Fotoworks XL is a Simple and Quick Photo Editing Software with Wide Array of Features

Windows 7, 8, and 10 users have a new easy to use photo editing software courtesy of Fotoworks XL. It is a software designed to give pictures a completely new look through its editing features.

Fotoworks XL is simple, easy and comfortable to use on a PC in giving images a valuable transition. This photo editing software allows users to utilize various effects to customize pictures. It also has features that allow users to create their very own memorable theme.

The photo editing software by Fotoworks is an ideal tool for users in need of rebranding, resizing, and cutting of photos to make it suitable for their stories. These are only a few of benefits that Fotoworks XL photo editing software has to offer.

To breathe life to photos, Fotoworks XL made the software user-friendly. The software has well-marked icons, instructions available on the menu, and even a manual. The software has many great effects including artistic, mask, texture, paint, and light reflection.

Through the artistic effects, it is possible to create a picture that appears hand-drawn. On the other hand, the mask effects help create a tesserae look to the photo being edited. Available mask effects include stones-like images, colored-glass look, transparent cutting shapes, and more.

Using the texture effects, it is possible to edit a photo with different backgrounds with a textured look. Users of Fotoworks XL can also use the paint effects such as air-brush effect, oil paint effects, emboss, and etc.

To add a four-dimensional look to a photo, there is the light reflection feature to generate reflections. This is also a great tool for enhancing the picture’s third-dimensional appearance. Giving pictures a real pencil sketch look is also possible using this photo editing software free download.

Photo Editing Software
Screenshot of the Photo Editing Software

With the draw/retouching feature, the user can manipulate tools to make the photo resemble pencil, pastel, crayons, and more. Another ability of the draw/retouching feature is ensuring the image’s proper color distribution.

One of the best things that make Fotoworks XL a photo editing software is the expert effects. This feature helps sharpen colors to give an image a more professional appearance. Applying certain effects on selected areas is also possible using this photo editing software Windows 10.

Fotoworks XL allows easy blurring of images if the user wants to conceal something. This software also allows sharpening and coloring of objects within the photo. This way, certain things within the photo may be given better or lesser focus as desired.

Another unique feature of this photo editing software Windows 7 is the radial-/focused- effects. This is a feature that allows the creation of tone in any photo. It makes it easy to put a direction on the effect, whether the direction of light, black-white, color, sharpness, etc.

For retouching dark and light shadows as well as colors of the photos, Fotoworks XL has the effect brush. This is useful for making pictures appear brighter or darker in certain areas. This can also be used for matching the hue of the picture’s environment.

For pictures taken using cameras with weak lenses or in dark backgrounds, the effect brush is a great feature. Lastly, Fotoworks XL offers an incredibly popular effect called the color-splash-effect. Using this editing feature, the user can leave a part of the picture colored while the rest is black and white.

These are great features that are easy to manipulate with only a few clicks. With these, anyone can create the perfect picture using only their PC. Through Fotoworks XL, creating a professional-looking picture has never been easy.


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Photo Editing Software Fotoworks-XL
Fotoworks XL was created by IN MEDIA KG and then further developed by IN MEDIAKG TI.
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